We Have the Same Goal

To auction your coins for the highest price.

Safety and Reliability

Our auctions guarantee safe selling. Offer your items and we’ll take care of the rest.


Favourable Conditions

We don’t like high fees any more than you do. That’s why we offer transparent and fair fees.

Professional Service

We know what is important for a successful auction. First-class photography and comprehensive service are provided as a matter of course.

How Does the Cooperation Work?

1. Offering Items for Auction

If you are considering offering coins or medals for auction, please send us a list of items together with photographs to info@pesekauctions.com.

The more complete and clearer the documentation we receive from you at the beginning, the faster we will be able to provide you with further information and implement the entire process.

2. Expert Review

We will review the materials submitted and decide whether your items can be accepted into the auction.

If we are interested, we will ask you to provide us with your personal information in order to prepare the documents necessary for the mediation of the auction and other matters. In the case of significant collections, it is possible to hold a special auction containing only your items or to reserve a certain part of the auction for you only.

3. Handover and Documents

We will agree on the handover of your items and the signing of documents.

In Person
We will arrange a personal meeting at our office in Kladno, where we will personally inspect the auction items and sign the necessary documents.

We will send the documents in PDF format to your email address, and you will print and sign them. You will then send the auction items to us together with the signed documents by a carrier.

4. Preparing for the Auction

We will professionally photograph and prepare the items for auction.

We know that high quality photographs are absolutely crucial in online auctions, directly influencing the amount of money achieved. That is why we place the utmost importance on the overall presentation of the items including videos, descriptions, and other related information important for buyers.

5. Marketing

We will make sure that your items are visible in the auction.

We advertise our auctions on the largest numismatic websites such as Sixbid, Numisbid, Biddr, and others, including Czech sites such as Nume.

We also use newsletter and social media promotion. This makes it possible for tens of thousands of potential buyers from all over the world to see your items.

6. Holding the Auction

The auction is held on the verified Onebid portal, where people from all over the world will bid on your items. 

It is a modern auction system that is translated into many foreign languages.

In addition, buyers can set their own limits on the biggest numismatic sites such as Numisbid, Sixbid, Biddr, and others. 

7. Settlement Statement and Payout 

In the days following the end of the auction, we will send you a summary of the items sold and a total settlement statement including fees.

After settling the obligations with the buyers, we will pay you the corresponding amount to the bank account as agreed in the contract. The usual time for the payout is 30 days after the auction.



-20 %

Forget the high fees you are used to from other places.

Fees / Bonus

-10 % +7,5 %

Low or no fee for cheaper items.
Extra bonus for more expensive items.


up to 50 EUR

51 –  1 000 EUR

1 001 – 4 000 EUR

4 001 – 10 000 EUR

10 001 – 50 000 EUR

over 50 000 EUR


-10 %

0 %

+2,5 %

+5 %

+7,5 %



45 EUR

1 000 EUR

4 100 EUR

10 500 EUR

53 750 EUR


* The examples shown represent the situation if the price achieved for the item in the auction was equal to the upper limit of the range.

Calculation Breakdown

The item sold for

fee/bonus (%)

fee/bonus (EUR)

We will pay you

Example 1

30 EUR

-10 %

-3 EUR

27 EUR

Example 2

15 000 EUR

+7,5 %

+1 125 EUR

16 125 EUR


Is it possible to hold a custom auction with my items only?

Yes, for significant collections with interesting items it is possible to organise a special auction where only your items are offered. The condition for this type of auction is that the value of the items in the auction must be at least EUR 50,000. For interesting collections with smaller values, it is possible to have a separate section of the auction for the items.

What are the fees for the suppliers?

The fees depend on the amount achieved for your item in the auction. A breakdown of the individual ranges can be found above on this page.

Are there any additional fees e.g. for photography, display etc.?

No. We do not have any additional or hidden fees. All of our costs are included in just one fee, which is based on the amount achieved for the items sold.

Why do you have significantly lower fees than your competitors?

We don’t like high fees any more than you do. That’s why we decided to set up our own auction house that handles supplier fees the way we would like.

Competing auction houses typically charge fees of up to 20%.  If, for example, a coin is auctioned for EUR 1 000, the supplier is paid only EUR 800.

When do I get paid for my sold items?

As a standard, we pay out the money once we have settled our obligations with the buyers. It is usually within 30 days after the end of the auction, unless mutually agreed otherwise.

Where will my items in the auction be advertised?

We advertise our auctions on the largest foreign numismatic websites such as Sixbid, Numisbid, Biddr, and others, including Czech sites such as Nume.

We also use promotion through newsletters and social networks. This makes it possible for tens of thousands of potential buyers from all over the world to see your items.


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